Benefit from the latest technology and 30 years of experience.  We clean windows using pure, deionised water .  All work is safely carried out from ground level so your privacy is protected. Previously unreachable windows, eg those above conservatories, can now be cleaned.

Soft brushes loosen the dirt from the glass and frame, and then a gentle rinse of pure water dries to completely smear and spot free.  Detergents attract dirt.  As this system uses no chemicals or detergents, there is no detergent residue so windows stay cleaner for longer.

Frames are cleaned every time for an outstanding finish.  We work to a 4 weekly schedule, and can accommodate any multiple of 4 weeks, eg if you want to book in a 8 weekly clean.

Please note, while we can clean small blocks of flats, we don't generally clean individual flats unless its ground floor, or a group of flats that sit above each other.

We have never forgotten our roots, and use traditional methods to regularly clean internal windows.

Some customers book us for an end of tenancy, or when preparing a house for sale.  We carry tools for reaching even the highest internal windows.  CLICK FOR MORE


The waterfed pole system is ideal for cleaning the outside of guttering and other hard surfaces.  Check out our gallery page for pictures of some of the outstanding results with this service.  CLICK FOR MORE



Let the light flood in to what is often the best room in the house.  Carbon fibre poles are ideal for removing debris from roofs, and cleaning the glass to a spotless finish.  Guttering, frames and windows are cleaned.  CLICK FOR MORE